MA Student Work 2017

 Put your thirst first

 Chanelle Pal

         A creative campaign to launch the concept of waterwheels.

Description:  Waterwheels is a new and innovate business idea which aims to provide hydration to students where and when they need it most. Similar to an ice cream van on a hot day, this is a water van on a night out. By selling bottled water at an affordable cost, directly outside of nightclubs across Leicester City Centre, waterwheels aims to encourage the importance of hydration after alcohol consumption. Since it was based on Chanelle’s personal observation, in-depth research was conducted to not only validate the concept but also launch it as a potential business after the masters. The idea behind the major project was to take this issue and form a campaign to support the launch of waterwheels for 2018 consisting of a range of posters, a website, a mobile application and an animated advert.

Animated Advert:


     G4B3 – Transmission (Audiovisual)

                                           Gabriel Dior

Description: Trippy, psychedelic, neon audiovisuals created using Jitter (Max 7) and put together in After Effects. Transmission (2016) was inspired by a combination of Hip Hop and Post Vaporwave. The effects respond to the MIDI data coming from the track itself.

Animated Advert:


                     Explore Nottingham

                                         Matthew Brookes

Description:“Explore Nottingham” is a tourist guide application that uses different forms of media and technology incorporated together to showcase  Nottingham rich historical past.


Digital Resources for Career Guidance

                                             Aisha Allen

Description: The aim was to produce a directory style website for career guidance and a more immersive occupation video. It is aimed at people in their twenties experiencing a ‘quarter-life crisis’ who have not yet found the career that is right for them but does not know where or how to start. The website had two focuses; filtering out the useful online resources for finding/choosing the right career path and secondly to guide the user through the process step by step. The video aimed to provide a way to give a more immersive experience and realistic portrayal of a typical day in the life of a profession.

Website: http://Website:


Web-Based Virtual Tour: Coronation Street

                                                Dimple Lad

Description: The project is Web-Based Virtual Tour of Coronation Street, the tour is developed with the cutting edge technology called WebGL that allows 3D graphics to be rendered in real-time via a web browser. The tour consists of the user exploring the Coronation Street set at their will and displays audio interactive pop-ups for further detail and immersion.

Web Design Guide – Prototype app

Nasrin Nisamdeen

Description: The aim of the major project is to design a prototype app to provide website design guidelines for freelancers, artists and designers. This specific app will assist with web designing for users to create a good portfolio website. There are many web design sectors available such as corporate, blog, job and business directory, and educational. “Web design guide” app will provide the basic guidelines to create an online portfolio so that the users can create an effective portfolio website. However, everybody can get benefits through these web design guidelines.


Stop frame animation of Artificial Intelligence

Qianhua Pan

Description: A stop motion animation to show the relationship between human and AI in the future.


3D zombie animation

Saranrat Chantarasak

Description: This 3D animation is about an innocent man who was turned into a zombie by a crazy doctor who would like to rule the world by creating a zombie army. But this zombie has memories when he was a human, so he seeks revenge by killing the doctor. The target audiences’ age should be 18 years old and over.


The Use of Digital Technology in Museums

                                 Mr. Sathit Lapvutirat

Description: My designs are to create the application of touchscreen display by Flash application on PC platform and Augmented Reality apps for Android devices. Providing enjoyable learning and in-depth information is the main purpose of the designs for the collections Science Museum.

3D computer puppet animation

Ting Fu Yang

Description: This project is to create a puppet animation by computer. It uses the computer to do the simulation as stop motion. The story is about the political issue. To ridicule some topic of the politician in Taiwan.

Video: https: //