MA Digital Design

This exciting course investigates how digital or computer-related technologies can be embraced and exploited by designers in any sector, from product and fashion design to interior and exhibition design.

In Digital technologies you can explore and specialise in the following:

  • Media design, including multimedia design, web design, 2D and 3D computer animation, visual and special effects for TV and film, mobile app design for tablets and smart phones, computer and video games, virtual and augmented reality and 2D and 3D visualisation
  • Product design, including the design of any computer-based or screen-based product such as smartphones, smart TV’s, tablet devices, smart watches, games consoles, smart household appliances, information systems and 3D digital printing
  • Interior design, including digital display and projection design, intelligent interiors, lighting and furniture design
  • Exhibition, museum and installation design, including digital heritage resources, archaeology, interactive kiosk and installation design, virtual museums and exhibitions.
  • Graphic design, including the design of ebooks, e-learning, interface design, interaction design and digital signage
  • Fashion design, including wearable devices, smart clothing and digital fabrics
  • Branding and marketing design, including corporate identity design, logo design, social media marketing, digital channel advertising and promotion.

For more information on the MA Digital Design please visit:

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2014 MA graduate case studies:

Valluri Naga Venkata Sai Avinash Chowdary – Digital Design MA

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